How It Works

Say goodbye to throw-away greeting cards and e-cards lost in spam filters; get ready to join the revolution. Magicards bring you the best of both worlds, offering a tangible card that features the same fun technology of an e-card - certain to blow away your friends and family!


Magicards are integrated with augmented reality (AR) technology; when you scan the static cards, they spring to life with video and sounds.


Wait....what? Surely that's witchcraft or Hogwart's style magic?, actually! AR takes an existing picture and blends new information into it, virtually. Once you have the free Zappar app and a Magicard item, open the app, scan the front image and watch it come alive.


You can buy a pre-made design or upload a video and we'll create a personalised AR Card for you, using the first frame of the video for the static card image.
Once you've got your card or print, simply download the free Zappar app on your smartphone, point it at the front of the card and as if by magic (but honestly....NOT magic, just AR!!) the card will spring to life and reveal the video and sounds. 

It's as easy as:


You can download the free ZAPPAR app for Apple devices from the App Store or for Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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